Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting......Fall!

As you all know I just want the summer to be over with. I'm more of a autumn and winter gal than a summer gal. I just like how the leaves change color, being able to bundle inside, going to the city when it's not hot but windy outside, getting a cup of coffee (hot), going out to cafes, and wearing fall clothes.

Instead of being obsessed with shoes, I rather have scarves. I have a drawer full of them and it keeps on expanding. You can never have too much bags either. Messenger bags are the best thing there is, second to scarves.

Fall Must Have's Are.....

I bought this trench coat from Forevere 21 for $38.

You can never have too much scarfs. I bought this scarf from forever 21 for $9.

Cute Messenger  Bags

Never Dying Trends.

Neutral Colors


Leather Jackets


A-line Skirts

I just can't wait to change the mannequins in my father's store to fall and winter clothing. I think I get more excited of dressing the mannequins than I do myself. It's exciting to pair clothing together to make it work.

Last  night, I had a discussion with my boyfriend about work. My dream would be able to work in a fashion magazine as an editor or art designer. If I were privileged to have the opportunity to obtain my dream; I would not consider it work because it's something that I love doing. However, he said that it is work because your getting paid to do it and have deadline's to meet. I was telling him that getting paid is a perk of having your goal met. I think if you don't like what your doing than it is work because you would not be happy and feel forced to go into work. However, if you love what your doing than it's not a job but a passion of yours that keeps you going.

I was firm on what I thought work really is and he was too.

It was a discussion that just went back and fourth.

What do you  think on the subject?

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