Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Rainy Day

So it rained today! I am so glad for any sort of change of weather. It brings me great joy to see the rain come down. Funny thing happened today for the 100th time. I'm not sure why but people always think I'm younger than I am. I got told today by two lovely customers at my father's store that I looked to be thirteen years old and fourteen. I had to tell them kindly that I was nineteen not thirteen or fourteen. I wonder, Do I really look that young? It's hurting my pride here. Ah. Well there could be worst things.
So my day turned out to be a-okay. I had to clean my turtle. (I have two by the way.) A small one that we got awhile ago and another one we had for eight years or more. It wasn't really fun cleaning out the tank. Then I had the task of making salad. Yay! (Noo) Afterwards, I had to go down stairs to my father's store and keep my mother company with my little sister. (She's 10) I dread the years she becomes offically a pre-teen and starts slamming doors. Yikes. And thats where my trouble began being called those horrible numbers thirteen and fourteen. That will forever torcher my delicate soul. However, I got around to taking a picture of my oufit day. With some hassle because I made my little sister take it for me. She was not too happy about that. But regardless, she did it like a true champion. Thanks, you demon. I'm kidding. Before I  continue to ramble on and on about my day. Below is the picture and a drawing I did a couple of days ago.

P.S. I didn't even start on painting my boyfriend's anniversary presesnt. It's in 9 days!  Ahh.. Help. SOS. Someone...

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