Saturday, September 10, 2011

Confidience, Assurance

I know I have not been posting anything as of yet but I have been busy now with school. Classes have just begun and already there is much to do. I have been looking toward getting a job so I can purchase a camera, but no luck yet.

In other news I like all my classes especially my Commuication Technologies class. I love being able to learn about how to use different softwares in order to make a fantastic presentation. When I'm taking my communication classes for my major it gives me great joy. I do not mean for this to sound cheesy or anything but it gives me a new found confidience to know that, that is where I belong.

When I was in Elementary school I wanted to be a writer. Throughout middle school I began to discover the world of books. I would walk to the library to keep myself busy with piles and piles of books.

When I think back to my childhood years my passion for writing has always followed me through.

Another passion of mine that is emerging is fashion. I did not realize that it was that essential for my life until now. I think back to when my parents first came to this country where we lived in a small one bedroom apartment. It was filled with six huge sewing machines, an enormous table, and piles of fabric. I would constantly see my parents sewing day in and out. Now, I see my dad making and tailoring clothing for his store. It inspires me to pursue a career as a designer.

That is why I am going to try to write on a daily basis in my journal and sketch as much as possible.

I have not been able to post my sketches of clothing I want to design but I will sometime this week. I'm feeling motivated and more passionate than ever to make my dreams come true.

I am looking foward to what this year has to offer. <3

What I like...

What I want <3

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