Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crazy For...

Looks I  <3

From: The Satoralist


  From: Street Peeper


So I'm obsessed with lots of things but right now I'm going crazy for green parka coats!

           From H&M $69.95

RVCA Stimulus Army Green Parka Coat  - Click Image to Close
                  From: LuLu's RVCA Stimulus Army Green Parka Coat $134

For some reason I love pictures of old bikes or people riding them. I think its like the coolest thing ever.  However, the sad thing is that I would love to have an old vintage bike to ride around but I don't know how to ride a bicycle. I tried multiple times only to crash and fall. After I realized I was accident prone I gave up. Every summer I always  pledge to learn but all my efforts prove in vain. My friends even agree to help me but once I get started and put my feet on the pedals it all comes crashing down.

Perhaps for autumn I can finally learn. Until then I'll just wistfully look at my collage which contains numerous pictures of bicycles.....Sad....




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