Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm back!

Hi. So I had the honor of attending Teen Vogue Fashion University 2011. I really enjoyed going and learing about how the designers made it in the industry. I was able to take classes with Michael Kors, Teen Vogue Editors, Chris Benz, and etc. It was a wonderful experience and opened my eyes to see that if your passionate about something you can make it happen.

I mean come on Lisa Salzer started her company LuLu Frost by making jewelry for her friends and then selling it. Her big break came when she called Barneys and they decided to pair up with her.

Nary Manivong started out by moving out to New York City with 200 dollars in his pocket and now is working on his new collection with Ally Hilifiger.

It can happen all you have to do is believe in yourself.

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The event was filled with tons of goodies and shopping events such as, H&M and TopShop. I managed to get my hair feathered. I walked in the streets of NYC for what felt like hours. I literally could not find the fabric stores. I finally managed to find it after an hour or more. I kept passing by it,  all I had to do was turn left on 39th street and walk to 7 and 8 ave. Grr....Atleast I found it. I managed to buy 2 yards of a royal blue color and chiffon. I can finally begin making this dress, blazer, and skirt I have been wanting for the longest.

I'll post pictures of how to do it yourself when I start.

I also managed to visit my cousin in the streets of Brooklyn. She lives right by NYU. She dragged me to a part of her neighborhood where its all filled with people coming and going. It's weird because when we were walking to get there it was just a couple of people. When we got to our destination it was filled with vendors, restaurants, musicians, and tons of people hanging out. She told me that this part of where she lives is always crowded in all hours its where Andy Warhol used to live.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend for me.

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I'm really determined now to focus my energy on landing an internship. I've started on my resume and now working on my cover letters. Hopefully, I land one.

Favorite quote from the Event: "Fashion isn't for sissys" - Michael Kors

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