Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost Over

Hola. I am in disbelief that this semester is almost over. Time seems to have gone by fast. Where did all the time go? More importantly, why is the weather so weird. I still cannot get over how it snowed and now the weather is back into the 50's and 60's. I like the cold and being able to drink hot chocolate and dress up coozy and comfortable. I want the cold weather back, I know I'll regret this statement once it starts to become freezing cold and I have to catch the bus in the morning.

In other news, I suggested for my school's newspaper to have a  Look of the Week/ Trend on our school's blog. To be able to capture students style and see what they are wearing. The idea came from Teen Vogue's reader of the day. I wanted to be able to do something that revolved around fashion and being able to photograph student style. Now starting it is proving to be difficult because my camera is not functioning. By this week I hope to get it fixed and be able to take some pictures of students around my campus.

       Scott Schuman and Garance DorĂ© Obsessed With (Them and Bicycles) Perfect Combination
Pictures from: Harpers Bazaar 

Most Current Obsession: Hats

After going to the mall this weekend with some friends I found myself trying on hats. Now, normally when I try them on they make my head seem bigger than it is. I'm not sure if its the hat or me but I looked bad in hats. For some unfathomable reason I decided to try a hat on and as I stared at the mirror for a couple of seconds I grew to the realization that it actually looked really nice on me by some divine miracle.     


                                  Photo From: The Sartoralist

Although, my friend kept saying I looked like 'Charice' from Glee while wearing it and that was the only reason why he wanted me to get it. To his disappointment, I didn't. Maybe next time, buddy.

So I'm going to leave it at that, and return to my work. Ciao


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