Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm so delighted that it's today. That means time to go all out with the food. My thanksgiving consists of a variety of food because my family is from all over. One of my aunts is Peruvian so she cooks dishes like papa la huanciana. If you haven't tried it before its potatoes with a yellow cream on top. It's sorta spicy and its good if you pour it on top of your rice. My other aunt is Puerto Rican so she cooks rice with beans, pork, and all these other foods that are yummy. My family is also Bolivian so we eat alot of our typical plates. Overall, I'm so excited over all there is to eat because there's so much laid out in front of us that its crazy. I'm probably going to have a big stomach ache at the end of the night.

I'm salivating over the food already.

In other news, my dad finished making the dress I been begging him to make. It toke him a couple hours to do. The most hardest part was doing the template which consisted of my measurements and the structure of the dress. That was a long process because it had to be exactly my size. Once that was done the sewing part was easy. My dad just measured me one last time and made slight adjustments and then it was done. It came out really nice.

The fabric is soft and not too heavy but not light either. A perfect choice of fabric for the fall weather and winter. In the back of the dress theres a heart that is cut out. I'm wearing it tonight so I'll post pictures tonight before I'm out the door and heading to my cousins house.

I have been getting inspired by my wardbrobe through these pictures that I saved on my phone from various blogs. Thought I would share.

       IMG_9055        IMG_8754

       IMG_5493        IMG_4392
Le Blog De Betty:

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Flower Girl:

Fashion Toast:

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