Friday, January 27, 2012


Hi....So I haven't been able to post because of the holidays, no internet except for my phone making it hard to post (at the moment using my boyfriends tablet to post), and my lazyness. My gosh this semester has already begun and theres tons to do with school. My math class is all online, and I did not know that. I'm really bad at Algebra so hopefully I can pass with an A. I'm almost ready to transfer colleges just need one more semester. Have to start looking at colleges because time passes by quickly...
In other news, my dad has been teaching me the basics of designing. I can't wait until I'm able to make dresses and blazers on my own. By the summer I plan on making my own clothing! And my brothers suit which I promised myself I would do because I was motivated from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. (We watched it literally dozens of times already.) The outfits in the movie for men are extremely sophisticated and high class. I adore being able to dress up guys and mens wear is one of my favorite looks.

Its freezing outside perfect weather to drink a cup of hot tea. I am seriously addicted to tea I have been drinking it at least three times a day. I think my whole family is as well. Been watching tons of movies because dun dun dun no cable. The torture! I have repeatedly watched Sex in the City and Bridesmaids just love the looks in both films. I simply cannot get enough of watching films. Probably going to go home and curl onto my bed with a cup of noddles and watch a movie. Ciao.


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