Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. I didn't  get to spend time with my boyfriend but I still had a great day with my friends. One of my best friends called me and picked me up to go to her house to help her organize her picnic dinner for her boyfriend. It was really cute. She bought wine, deserts (tons of desert), steak, had a blanket laid out, and had music playing in the background. She even bought him an I-pod that was engraved. My friend Diego was pretty suprised that our friend went to that extreme. (I let him know that she's a total romantic.) Although, she likes to say she's not. I disagree. Afterwards, me and Diego went to my house where we ate and managed to get on time to watch Glee. He left half way when it started because he said I was being too loud. (He said, "I like to Gleek out by myself.") Overall, though I had a pretty fun Valentine's Day. Next Year, an Anti Valentine's Day Get Together! :)

I know, I know the Grammy's already passed this Sunday. But I wanted to show you my favorite dresses at the event. Simplicity, is best. Ciao

                         Julianne Hough  Maroon 5

Favorite Celeb Style: Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Moretz by Aitken Jolly

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