Friday, February 24, 2012

Nylon & Ricci

I've been steadly catching up on my reading. By steadly, I mean little by little. It's hard to spend time reading when you have to read a novel for class every week. I subscribe to alot of magazine (magazine junkie) and don't have enough time to read them all,but their's something so special about sitting down on your bed with a cup of coffee reading through issues of your favorite magazines, mine are Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stones, Spin,Glamour, and Nylon. Which are yours?

I know we live in a digital world where you can get everything online, but actually feeling the magazine in your hand and turning the pages is exhilarating to me. This might sound weird but I like the smell of a novel or a magazine that is new. Thats why, when I got the chance to read from front to back September's issue of Nylon with Christina Ricci on the cover I was thrilled. (I still have 5 issues to go to get caught up.) But I was actually suprised to find out that a. She's from New Jersey b. She's 5 foot tall (like me) c. Why haven't I been watching Pan Am?

Anyways, it finally got alittle bit chillier here. Thankfully, I'm not looking foward to the heat that comes around here and I feel like I'm going to pass out. My best friend loves it, she enjoys going out in the blistering heat to get smoothies. I think she enjoys it primarily because she get's to put the top down of her convertible punch buggy and blasting the radio. Reminds me I better get sunglasses and a hat when we go out. Pronto. Ciao

Pictures from the Web
         Christina Ricci – Nylon Magazine – September 2011
         Christina Ricci – Nylon Magazine – September 2011
         Christina Ricci – Nylon Magazine – September 2011

Pan Am


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  1. Love the pictures!
    Thanks for stopping by & sharing your story. You reminded me of my little sister...She used to do just the same thing...waited until mom went to work to try on her clothes & make-up. :)
    Have a great day!


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