Friday, February 3, 2012


I am currently stuck in school waiting for my class at six'o'clock. So right now I'm browsing over the internet looking at various blogs and pictures that I like. I came upon this post saying that Garance Dore will be in NYC this upcoming Monday at 4pm in F.I.T. I absolutely love her blog, I probably already mentioned it but I literally squeal when I see one of her posts like the one about reality tv or the difference between Paris women and New York women. Her posts are so witty, funny, and charming. I can go on and on about her (trust me I have) but she's so inspirational to me.

I haven't been able to take any outfit pictures because I have been so lazy. I just wake up in the morning and put on whatever I deem comfortable. Which at the moment is a Ramones T-shirt, black skinnies, and high heeled combat boots, and a trench coat. Especially, with this weird weather here in Jersey one day it will be cold and the next sunny. I don't understand it, where has all the snow gone? I want it back. Well one more hour and a half to go until class and I'm finally done copying and pasting the pictures. Toke longer than I thought it would. Ciao

Pictures From: WhoWhatWear, LookBook
                  Vintage Hat, 2020 Ave Dress, Chanel Bag, Dolce Vita Boots     Solar Eclipse Dress, Faux Leather Biker, Backpack, Creepers  
     Romwe Military Coat, Chloe Platform Boots   
Men Looks: LookBook, JackandJill
     Jack London Navy Suit    
     Jack London Leather Jacket, Jack London Shirt, Jack London Jumper, Levis Jeans, Asos Boots, Second Hand Bowtie
                    Black Woollen Gloves, Red Jean, Black Army Boots, Brown Coat, Brown Velvet Shirt, Grey Jean Shirt, Blue Cashemere Scarf           
      J Lindeberg Sweater, Hartford Shirt, Kasil Jeans, Anotnio Maurizi Shoes, Apc Bag   >


  1. amazing inspiration ;)
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  2. Really lovely bundle of inspirations!! Tanks for sharing! Also tanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Glad to be the first of your follower! ;) Hope you'd drop by my blog again sometime.

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  3. Thanks for following. I really like your blog and your style! :)

  4. Super cool pics!

  5. love the first outfit!!

  6. Awesome pics, love the first look!!!

    xo Emma


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