Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's A Man's World


I really like menswear, the whole tie, bow, and suit look is really classy and sophisticated. It's so cool to walk around the city and see guys dressed up with their suits, messenger bags, and headphones on. It's a nice change from baggy jeans and way too big shirts on. I was reading this book titled "AskMen Presents: The Style Bible" the book discusses that men are programmed in the beginning to think that style doesn't matter and only girls are interested in it. But than later on something changes and its all about appearance and wasting money on clothing that doesn't fit and is not flattering. The book lays out the 11 rules guys should follow in building a wardrobe such as what to waste money on and what not to waste alot of money on. I read it primarily because I'm really interested in menswear and I want to go into designing for males as well as female looks that are inspired from it. I'm constantly getting inspired by female looks however, male looks also transition their way into my wardrobe choices. The below picture is a look that is inspired by this trend and that I simply like.


  1. Love that trend + great photos!!
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  2. I love her outfits also :p

    Vane <333

    ~Steph :]


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