Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"I Get High On Your Memories."

Currently watching The Walking Dead, I seriously love that show. Anything to do with zombies, or the paranormal has me instantly hooked. Supposedly, my cousins house is haunted and they see this little boy and girl dressed in old clothing. My aunt and uncle at first would hear little children laughing and ringing the doorbell. One time, my uncle saw a little girl with a nightgown in broad daylight and thought it was my cousin but as he went around the corner where she disappeared to, she wasn't there. So he checked underneath the car and everywhere in the backyard and she was gone. So he went back inside the house and asked my other uncle if he knew where she was, and he said she left to her friends house. So many spooky things happen there, but my cousins,uncles, and aunts are used to it by now.
So the title of this post is from the song "I Get High" by Styles P. I remember listening to it way back in the day when I was following my older brother around. The pictures below are when I went mini golfing, so much fun. So excited to go to New York manana even though it'll be mucho caliente. Practicing my Spanish abit, notice? Gracias, for your comments on my last post! Ciao for now. 


  1. I heard that the series is so awesome! I'm going to watch it soon! x


  2. i think it ust be awesome... thanks for sharing. :D
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?

  3. interesting post, your blog is lovely!


  4. Hi sweetie, Thanks for your comment too, it's make me really happy ;)
    I hope we can be followers to each other :D ♥

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  5. Loving the post. :3

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  6. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!



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