Monday, July 9, 2012

"Somebody that I used to know."

First, and foremost I want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July, even though it already past. I have not had the opportunity to post in awhile due to lack of connection. But I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as I have. I just saw the new Spiderman movie and I thought it was good compared to the original one. I kinda wish they would do a remake of Spawn. I  cannot wait until Batman  comes out, I am definitely going to go see it. On another note, one of my favorite shows is almost over. I am obsessed with Food Network Star, I have to watch it and do not miss it when it gives on Sundays. Even though I do enjoy to cook, I'm not so fond of it now when it is so hot in my kitchen. I end up cooking rather quickly so I can just get it over with. Well, I'll try to enjoy my summer even with this heat, atleast its not as bad as where my brother is (Georgia) for national guard training. He comes back soon, so happy to get to see him. Well I'll leave it on that note before I ramble on, Ciao
 "Somebody That I used to Know." -By: Gotye, Love this song.
Collection of Pictures from the lake, Liberty State Park, beach. Last Photo is me looking a mess, and before that is my cousin. :)



  1. Cool settings!

  2. Gorgeous summer photos! I have been cooking less because of the hot weather too! I've been eating salads to avoid it! lol

    The Lovely Memoir

    1. Lol. I've been eating salads too, quick and easy to do! :)

  3. Amazing pictures! I really would love a summer getaway! x

  4. Beautiful pictures!!

  5. beautiful pictures! :)

  6. Lovely blog babe!

  7. Hey Honey, i´m your new reader to your blog :) Nice Photos and very good Blog!
    maybe we can follow each other if you like? I follow you now. Big Kisses from Germany ;-***

  8. Hi sweetie, you look so cute, I really love this pictures ! :3 ♥
    I hope you'll like my blog ^^
    Kisses ♥

    ( ^^

  9. Beautiful pictures! :)

    From Finland, with <3,


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