Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Days

Played around with the filter settings, I think it turned out pretty good. A couple of days ago I went to taco bell to get over my fear of eating there. I tried it when I was a little girl resulting in little me barfing and never trying it until now. After that I decided to try this frozen yogurt place that was really neat because it had all different kinds of flavors and toppings. My boyfriend toke a couple of shots while we were at the park. I'm still not used to being photographed so here's me "trying" to look natural. In a couple of days I start school again, mixed emotions about it. One thing, I cannot wait for is the season to start changing! Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves! Ciao 


  1. Beautiful pictures! :)

    Thank you for your wishes on my earlier post:)

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  2. The froyo looks delicious and you should definitely be photographed more, the photos of you are just lovely!

  3. I love your boots! =)

  4. Great images!

    Bad Joan


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