Monday, August 6, 2012

"You belong to the Gang."

The above quote is from The Decemberists song "O Valencia!" I actually did a research paper based on this song and a poem titled, "The Highwayman," We had to do our paper based on a poem and song that are similar to one another and carry out the same theme.The poem just came to me randomly when I was thinking back to middle school and how we had to read it for English. And now I cannot believe that the semester is almost going to begin. Thankfully, this semester should not be too hard because I selected classes I am interested in.

Pictures from: Hel Looks
Have you guys been watching the Olympics? I haven't been watching it, I'm not really that into it. I know, I know, that's horrible. But I just really really looove the World Cup and for me its a crime to miss out on those games. I grew up playing the sport. Every single day my whole family would go to the park and play a game,  I was always the goalie. I remember getting hurt a lot, but it was fun being all together. I'll most likely watch the soccer portion of the Olympics and perhaps basketball as well. Go Argentina! I want to say Thank You to all those who commented on my last post, I really appreciate it. Ciao 


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