Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your love is like a tidalwave

Have you guys ever watched The Puppet Master? I have been watching it ever since I got the movie. There's about nine films and I watched about five. (I went overboard watching it.) I should be studying for a quiz tomorrow but there's always the morning.It's not really scary or anything, and it's really old. But there is something about watching old scary movies that I simply love. Especially with October starting tomorrow.

Picture from Tumblr

Love this book bag. I noticed that I tend to want to save up to get something big but waste money on small things. Does this ever happen to you? This time around, I'm going to try to resist. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

A messed up kids with no ideals at all I thought...

I toke these shots on my cellphone quickly while my brother had to run back to his car to get his wallet. I just love fall mornings, the trees on the ground, the air is all fresh, and drinking coffee as you wait for your morning class. Actually today I was having one of those days where you feel all sluggish and just want to stay home. (haha, yes, monthly visitor) So instead of wearing my usual jeans and a hoodie, I actually ended up dressing up to class. And it made me feel so much better. Something so simple as putting on the right clothing (favorite) can change your perspective of a gloomy morning to a much brighter one.
P.S. Seen the new myspace? It is a combination of pinterest and instagram. I actually like it, not sure if I'll really use it though. What do you think?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

No use to deny this simple truth


Nothing feels better than coming home from a long day of classes, to a home cooked meal. This is one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes. It consists of chicken, lots of vegetables, potato, and another form of potato called chuno. It's a freezed dried potato that is mostly common in South America. I haven't seen it served in many restaurants here, but its a delicious dish! I remember one time my mom tried to make us soup with milk, me and my brother just stared at it. It was just so weird how the chicken floating there. Suffice to say my mom never made it again. I don't remember how it tasted like because I was only seven years old but I remember making a face at it. It's strange how certain dishes can make you feel nostalgic. What are your favorite dishes?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes you just need to laugh

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Ever have those days where your not feeling like yourself? Laughter is the best medicine.

You shout it out, But I can't hear a word you say

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Why can't all guys dress like this? I've been sitting on the computer for most of the day waiting for my class to start. I think I got a little crazy pining a bunch of stuff.
I think I get more excited when I see a well dressed guy than I do a girl. What I like most about men's wear is the challenge because you have to pay more attention to detail in order to make the outfit really pop.
Mustache Watch
I really liked this watch from UrbanOutfitters and wanted to buy it. But now, I'm re-thinking it because everyone that I ask says its ugly. And here I thought it was cute! I guess that makes me weird for liking it. (Sigh)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Pictures from Tumblr
I've been seeing these shoes everywhere and I sorta like them/don't. They look good on certain people and on others they can look like a horse. (Am I the only one who thinks that?) They look really cool and edgy but they are a bit too high for me. I tried on a bunch of heels when I stopped by Steve Madden and this lady kept on staring at me, I guess she thought it was funny that I got all excited and kept on trying shoes. I have seen these boots at plenty of stores but don't have the guts to try them on, I feel like I would bust my ass trying to walk in them. Are they comfortable? What do you think love or hate them? 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat

Fun day at the city, it started off a bit cold in the morning and then became hotter as the day went on. Mostly spent the day browsing around, eating, and going to a lot of art stores because my friend needed paint. (Steph, it sucks you couldn't come!) Toward the middle of our visit we just kept walking aimlessly around looking for our destination and having to go back after we realized we passed it. I think it was due to waking up early. We ended our stay earlier because we were just too tired.      
( My feet hurt after walking too much.) And I still had to go to my cousins house for a dinner since my aunt is moving away. Ended up drinking Sangria even though my mom kept giving me the look saying, 'Don't.' I'm almost twenty one though, argh. And it's not my fault my uncle and cousin kept asking me if I wanted some. Anyways, eventful day and now to study Astronomy.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it

Pictures from Last Night. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tsuyogate bakari de namida wa misenai

               Pictures From JakandJill and StyleClicker

Some looks that I like. I'm so glad it's Thursday, one more day of class and then the weekend. Cannot wait, for this week to be over. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So show me family, all the blood I will bleed.

Pictures from WeHeartIt

What I like most about winter....
Taking a stroll in the park
Drinking tea/coffee
Wearing tights/stockings
Being able to dress up 
Curling in the couch with a blanket 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Slow down you crazy child


I thought I should share a couple of things about myself.
1. I was terrified of dolls when I was a little girl because of my brother freaking me out with the movie/book Chucky. I used to have this theory that if I placed my teddy bears on top of the dolls in my toy chest they would save me. That does not make much sense but it helped me sleep at night.
2. I am 5 feet exactly. So everyone is naturally taller than me.
3. I am sorta scared of playing sports even though I like soccer (watching mostly). This fear came from my elementary-high school years where I was hit with a baseball which resulted in my glasses being broken in two. Having my gym teacher step on my glasses while doing push ups, getting tackled, playing suicide, and a variety of different things.
4. I tried to do dancing, but ultimately failed.
5. My favorite cartoons are Rockos Modern World and Kablam.
6. I love humming and listening to Christmas songs.
7. I found out about two years ago that I have been writting my name all wrong. My name is suppose to be spelled with one s instead of two. Found this out while renewing my passport at the Argentinan Ambassy.
8. When I was younger I wanted to be a television reporter.
9. I like rainy days where you can lounge around your couch and read a book.
10. My favorite childhood book is 'Where the Wild Things Are.'
So thats it, pretty random list of things which show abit of who I am. Anything you guys want to share? I'd love to hear it!
I realize I probably sound like I'm scared of alot of things. Such as when I was younger I used to collect bugs and not I cannot even touch them. I guess when your smaller your more fearless and do not fear the consequences of your actions. But when you get older everything shifts and that part of you that is fearless changes. Maybe that's just me, but getting older makes it harder to take risks because your scared of failure. All in all, what I am trying to say is to take more risks (even me) and not to be scared of failure. Because by going through those risks and mistakes, we can go through life knowing we actually lived and felt alive while doing so.