Sunday, September 9, 2012

I can't get no satisfaction, cause I try.
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Hi, I just recently toke my Spanish exam and passed it. Which means I will be able to get out of three classes. I really didn't think I would fail because I grew up in a Hispanic household although my ability to speak Spanish is so-so. On another note, I cannot wait until the new Sarah Dessen book comes out. I just finished watching one of her novels that was turned into a film and it has got me all giddy for the release. This time around I have to be able to meet her, I've been a fan for ages. Furthermore, have you guys seen the movie Julie and Julia? Every time I see that film it makes me want to try new recipes. Well off to rest since it's currently four thirty in the morning. For some reason I could not fall asleep, and had the strangest urge to write something, anything. Now, to force myself to fall asleep so I won't be sleep deprived.  Hope you all have a good morning and day.  


  1. Nice inspirations!


  2. Love the bun in the second photo!!! :-))
    p.s- congratulations on passing your Spanish exam :-))

  3. The last picture is beautiful!!! gave me an idea of doing BnW photography! :D
    n congratulations on passing d exam! :)

    Thank you for your wishes on my earlier post:) wud u like to follow each other? lemme knw!

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  4. great photos! I love your blog.


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