Monday, September 17, 2012

Slow down you crazy child


I thought I should share a couple of things about myself.
1. I was terrified of dolls when I was a little girl because of my brother freaking me out with the movie/book Chucky. I used to have this theory that if I placed my teddy bears on top of the dolls in my toy chest they would save me. That does not make much sense but it helped me sleep at night.
2. I am 5 feet exactly. So everyone is naturally taller than me.
3. I am sorta scared of playing sports even though I like soccer (watching mostly). This fear came from my elementary-high school years where I was hit with a baseball which resulted in my glasses being broken in two. Having my gym teacher step on my glasses while doing push ups, getting tackled, playing suicide, and a variety of different things.
4. I tried to do dancing, but ultimately failed.
5. My favorite cartoons are Rockos Modern World and Kablam.
6. I love humming and listening to Christmas songs.
7. I found out about two years ago that I have been writting my name all wrong. My name is suppose to be spelled with one s instead of two. Found this out while renewing my passport at the Argentinan Ambassy.
8. When I was younger I wanted to be a television reporter.
9. I like rainy days where you can lounge around your couch and read a book.
10. My favorite childhood book is 'Where the Wild Things Are.'
So thats it, pretty random list of things which show abit of who I am. Anything you guys want to share? I'd love to hear it!
I realize I probably sound like I'm scared of alot of things. Such as when I was younger I used to collect bugs and not I cannot even touch them. I guess when your smaller your more fearless and do not fear the consequences of your actions. But when you get older everything shifts and that part of you that is fearless changes. Maybe that's just me, but getting older makes it harder to take risks because your scared of failure. All in all, what I am trying to say is to take more risks (even me) and not to be scared of failure. Because by going through those risks and mistakes, we can go through life knowing we actually lived and felt alive while doing so.

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