Friday, September 28, 2012

A messed up kids with no ideals at all I thought...

I toke these shots on my cellphone quickly while my brother had to run back to his car to get his wallet. I just love fall mornings, the trees on the ground, the air is all fresh, and drinking coffee as you wait for your morning class. Actually today I was having one of those days where you feel all sluggish and just want to stay home. (haha, yes, monthly visitor) So instead of wearing my usual jeans and a hoodie, I actually ended up dressing up to class. And it made me feel so much better. Something so simple as putting on the right clothing (favorite) can change your perspective of a gloomy morning to a much brighter one.
P.S. Seen the new myspace? It is a combination of pinterest and instagram. I actually like it, not sure if I'll really use it though. What do you think?


  1. what a lovely pics <3


  2. Amazing post! Your blog is lovely!

  3. Beautiful pics <3

  4. love it and following (:

    (check out my blog:

  5. amazing blog!
    browsing right now through all my comments and thanks you are lovely but
    how can it be i never saw your blog before?
    you are amazing and in your pforile pic. you look a bit like the winner of eurovision song contest,
    i forget her name everytime, but i think she is a true beauty.
    anjd so are you!
    lovely posts!

    ich habe ├╝brigens einen neuen eintrag,
    wo man meine rosa haare besser sieht (in dem eintrag hab ich ja noch die "alten" blonden)
    also falls du reinschauen willst,
    deine AmelyRose

  6. Hi! Thank you for the comment and visit.
    Kisses from VV!!


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