Thursday, October 11, 2012

Si una vez dije que te amava hoy me arrepiento

Pictures from Tumblr

Kick Ass Selena song, I love belting it out.
I remember when I was little I used to hate jean jackets but now I am very fond of them. They go so well with dresses, skirts, and pants. I actually still have my jean jacket from when I was younger and it still fits! (haha, I didn't grow that much) I just got out of my publication & editing class and it was so tedious putting in the images for a magazine spread. It toke me about two hours and I only managed to put in some images. I didn't even integrate the text or do the typography yet. It makes me appreciate my magazine subscriptions even more. Perhaps I'll show you guys when I'm done, I did mine on soccer. 609 days to the World Cup!


  1. Yeah, I also think that denim jacket and denim shirt are really timeless!
    Great post!
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  2. Awesome post, dear!!!

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  3. wow this is such inspiring post!

  4. I lllooovvee that first jacket so gorgeous <3 x

  5. Cool and inspiring!

  6. so inspirations pics!!great post!


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