Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Pictures

1&2, Near my school's park
3&4, Me
5&6. My friends who I dragged with me to the city yesterday. Loads of fun but way too many people.
7&8. Stopped at Union Square to go to the Market and that was just the beginning of people pushing one another.
9. We somehow went from the market to DSW, where my friend only had to pee but she ended up leaving there with two big shopping bags. Tried on these shoes and loved them but didn't ended up getting them. Oh well..
10. There was in every block people dressed up in  Santa costumes and girls parading around in elf costumes as well. I had no idea what was happening that day, on the train ride back I heard it had something to do with drinking and bars. Weird.
11,12& 13. Macy's display window, near Bryant Park, Times Square.
14. My friends face after we finally managed to get food. (I always forget it's a bad idea to go to Rockfeller center this time of year because people are just pushing and shoving to get to shot the Christmas tree. We got caught up in the crowd on our way to go to the Rockfeller building to get something to eat. We actually lost one of my friends for a couple of minutes and then had to look for her. After that everything was just way too packed and we ended up leaving the building, to find somewhere else to eat.)
Everyime I'm in the city I fell so freaking short. Especially when I'm in a crowd of people and can't see past their shoulders. I had alot of fun yesterday and it got my mind out of finals this week. But now it's time to start studying all over again. Hope you guys had a great weekend as well.


  1. Wonderful pics! I especially love the first 2, they look so magical.

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  3. hi pretty!!! great pics ;)
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  4. The light turned out so good in the first pictures!


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