Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Alexander McQueen high heel boots / ASOS leather satchel, creepers/ ALDO leather clutch / Casio silver watch/ Kate Spade glasses  /Rag & Bone black hat/ UrbanOutfitters one ear stereo headphones in ocean color/ Nikon camera 1

There you have it my holiday wishlist. I've been wanting a new pair of glasses because my old one's are lopsided and I just don't like them as much as I did when I first received them. Sigh. It''s so easy picking out stuff you want, instead of choosing for other people. I still can't think of a good Christmas gift for my boyfriend.  I really have to get him something good because he bought me these sunglasses I've been obsessing over for the longest. (Mostly because I was mad at him that he decided to make it up to me by going to my apartment when I wasn't home, and leaving one of those flowers that never wilts, a teddy bear, and my favorite box of cereal.)
This is what happened when he called, "Did you like it?"
Me: "Yeah"
B: "Did you even open the box of cereal?"
Me: "Umm no"
B: "Open it,silly." 
I rip it open and see a letter attached to the cereal.
Me: "It's a letter."
B: "Did you even open the cereal package?"
Me: "Nope."
And as I open the bag I see lo and behold the sunglasses I've wanted. The same one's I've been wanting for the loooongest, and then I feel bad . And now, I have to get the best gift ever of all time but I have no ideas what to get. Grrr, any ideas? 
One of my last two days of finals, finally!


  1. Ohh I really like this! creepers <33

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  6. Did he talk to you about anything he'd like? To your friends or his friends or family? It's time to ask around. If he talks a lot about something, maybe he'd like to have something relating to what he talks a lot about. Hmm, what are his interests? Search a bit on his interests and what people interested in the same stuffs long to have. Hope it helps, because those aren't too good advices.
    But I personally think one of these things where they give you the right to ride an helicopter, or to fly a simulator, are cool gifts for everyone because it must be a cool experience and the person, unless ze have a passion for flying, never thinks about it themselves! Except if he is scared of that kind of things, then it's not a good gift.
    Or tickets for an amusement park; maybe I'm projecting my tastes on him.


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