Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sorry I'm not made of sugar, and I'm not sweet enough for you

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Been obsessing over Adventure Time at the moment, probably replayed this song from Rebecca Star a whole bunch of times. It's crazy catchy after you listen to it. 
In other news, I make three years with my boyfriend which is coming up soon! And I was thinking of a good gift to give and came up with nothing. So I just asked him what he wanted, haha so not a surprise. But it's better than getting him something he wouldn't use.
And he said he just wanted clothes, grr. We like the opposite of things when it comes to clothing, so I think I'm going to stick to the basics.  Well, hope you guys are having a lovely week so far! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A bit of snow

It wasn't as  cold as the other days but somehow it managed to snow. Ran around in a deserted street throwing snowballs at my younger sister. Felt like a little kid getting all giddy over a little bit of snow. 

I remember when it used to snow a whole lot, and there was literally a wall of snow piled up. Kinda miss those days. 

Ah, now for waffles.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warmer days please.

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It's been freezing lately, enough not to make me go outside. Except for today because I had to get up to go to class. Second time, that I actually had a class with someone I knew. Yay for a ride home then waiting for the bus in the cold. 
Been in the mood to sketch lately, hence the above picture I drew while drinking hot chocolate. I tend to draw hands a lot, mostly because in high school I decided to take art all throughout my senior year. So one semester we had to do a still life and my figure was a hand holding onto a cube. I grew so annoyed at that time, drawing the same thing over and over again in different forms that I just loathed going to art class. Grr, my art teacher was pretty funny though. Anyways, how are you guys making it through this cold weather? I'm going to make myself some cup of noddles and finish watching the whole King of Queens series! :)  Anyone watch it? 

Monday, January 21, 2013


 I caught my dog laying down like this. 
I've been wanting a pet guinea pig now after going through the pet store. That or a pet skunk, people might find it weird but I think their really cute. Too bad their only legal in about 17 states. 
You can actually have a hedgehog as a pet too, I didn't even know about that. Only in some states, though.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Inspiration

Hi, thanks for all those nice comments on my last post. I'm feeling a lot better than before.
So yesterday I was up really late playing a bunch of board of games with friends, and when it 
comes to monopoly people get so competitive. My friend said that "Monopoly ruins friendships."
Which I found so funny because people do get a bit riled up about the rules and such. 
All for fun, though.
"Rilakkuma took a watermelon"  bentoramen

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purple ponytail with bowBow Tights
Pictures From Pinterest

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I overslept yesterday so I automatically starting rushing to get out the door to open my dad's store. I ran down the stairs and in my haste I tripped. Falling down a couple of steps. My legs hurt that moment but I just walked it off and went back down. I called my boyfriend and sent a text to my brother to let them know what happened. After that, I just waited until my dad and brother got home and as soon as my brother saw me he said I needed stitches. And he was absolutely right. When we got to the hospital the nurse probed at my wound and determined that I indeed needed some stitches. After a few x-rays to determine if I fractured anything and stitches, I was finally home. So the lesson I learned yesterday was not to rush and to take things slowly.  And that my mom tends to overact, my brother said "There are mom worries, and then there are our mom worries who just are above and beyond." So true...

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Saw 'A Haunted House' yesterday and it was just hilarious. During the trailers I got to see a preview of the Evil Dead and I am so looking forward to seeing it. Probably because I did the above movie poster on it for my design class and I freaking love scary movies. I might have repeated myself on saying that quite a bit. but their just soooooo awesome to see. Now, I will gladly have a marathon of the previous films as I await this one to come out. See, see, I'm stocked. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

"Don't know how many times I said I'm gonna live without you."

 Hey! Spent the day quizzing my brother on his math test with my best friend, we did the best we could.
Hopefully he passed. I like to think that I'm better at math then I was in high school because I was barely able to pass with a C. After, taking my remedial math classes in college, I'm actually way better at it then I was before. I learned more from three semesters at college then I did in four years of high school. I still don't know how all those formulas will be useful to me in the communication field. Oh wellllll. Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Been busy as of late, sort of. I've been helping out around the house cooking and cleaning. Typical house wife sort of thing. This whole week I've been drinking hot chocolate, I actually had a huge craving for pancakes so I dragged my boyfriend to go with me to Ihop.(Damn those Ihop commercials, they get me everytime.) Mission to have pancakes was successfully accomplished. 
In other news, my current obsession at the moment is to finish watching the Matrix, I'm seriously in love with the Animatrix film simply because of the cool graphics and I just adore the detail that goes into creating such a piece. It's just amazing and very very bloody, some parts. 
And ahh my favorite manga's are finishing soon, noooooo! Yes,yes, I'm some kind of otaku. Can't help it. 
Have a lovely week! Will post soon.