Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I overslept yesterday so I automatically starting rushing to get out the door to open my dad's store. I ran down the stairs and in my haste I tripped. Falling down a couple of steps. My legs hurt that moment but I just walked it off and went back down. I called my boyfriend and sent a text to my brother to let them know what happened. After that, I just waited until my dad and brother got home and as soon as my brother saw me he said I needed stitches. And he was absolutely right. When we got to the hospital the nurse probed at my wound and determined that I indeed needed some stitches. After a few x-rays to determine if I fractured anything and stitches, I was finally home. So the lesson I learned yesterday was not to rush and to take things slowly.  And that my mom tends to overact, my brother said "There are mom worries, and then there are our mom worries who just are above and beyond." So true...


  1. Vaya...pues ahora si te toca descanso y tomartelo con calma hasta quitar los puntos!!!Cuidate!
    te sigo guapa, un bessitos!!!!

  2. Ouch, this looks like it hurts a lot... But yeah, you're right - you're never in that much of a hurry that you should hurt yourself.:) Hope you'll be back to your healthy self soon!

  3. aww hope you make a quick recovery! :)


  4. get well soon <3


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