Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Been busy as of late, sort of. I've been helping out around the house cooking and cleaning. Typical house wife sort of thing. This whole week I've been drinking hot chocolate, I actually had a huge craving for pancakes so I dragged my boyfriend to go with me to Ihop.(Damn those Ihop commercials, they get me everytime.) Mission to have pancakes was successfully accomplished. 
In other news, my current obsession at the moment is to finish watching the Matrix, I'm seriously in love with the Animatrix film simply because of the cool graphics and I just adore the detail that goes into creating such a piece. It's just amazing and very very bloody, some parts. 
And ahh my favorite manga's are finishing soon, noooooo! Yes,yes, I'm some kind of otaku. Can't help it. 
Have a lovely week! Will post soon.


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