Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warmer days please.

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It's been freezing lately, enough not to make me go outside. Except for today because I had to get up to go to class. Second time, that I actually had a class with someone I knew. Yay for a ride home then waiting for the bus in the cold. 
Been in the mood to sketch lately, hence the above picture I drew while drinking hot chocolate. I tend to draw hands a lot, mostly because in high school I decided to take art all throughout my senior year. So one semester we had to do a still life and my figure was a hand holding onto a cube. I grew so annoyed at that time, drawing the same thing over and over again in different forms that I just loathed going to art class. Grr, my art teacher was pretty funny though. Anyways, how are you guys making it through this cold weather? I'm going to make myself some cup of noddles and finish watching the whole King of Queens series! :)  Anyone watch it? 


  1. pues con el frio mal, pero bueno jaja toca...

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  4. great posr



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