Monday, February 18, 2013

He can roll with the punches, long as he feels like he's in control

Got new glasses from Firmoo (company that specializing in optical glasses or sunglasses), been needing glasses for awhile because my other glasses are old, crooked, and somehow my dog got to them and bite it. So they have some dog marks on it, tsk tsk.  I haven't had the chance to get new one's so I was stocked when they asked me to review their product and get a pair for free. 
What I liked about their product was it arrived fast, came with the case, and the color of the frame was really nice. Downside, bigger than I thought it would be. But been wearing them a lot lately, all I need is to get my prescription in them. 
(Firmoo also has this program where first time buyers can get a free pair of glasses.) 

On another note, my uncle who started this band is currently in Bolivia promoting his group since he got signed to a record label down there. They made a video for their band titled, "Grupo Suri" the song is called "Asi sera." It's in Spanish but it's a really catchy song. 

Seen The Walking Dead yesterday? The ending was great, it had me jumping up and down. No lie... 


  1. also got some firmoo glasses a couple of months ago.. love their fit! :D

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    pretty pic ;)
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  3. Nice pic and I wore sometimes glasses too. Have a great day,.

  4. cute photo!!! & nice blog :)
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  5. How cool is your uncle!! That song is really catchy, honey, and your glases suit you perfectly.;)

  6. Great photo!


  7. this glasses are perfect for you


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