Sunday, March 31, 2013

Church and Food

I didn't manage to take pictures yesterday when I went out with my two friends. (I'll get you next time Stephania, for you birthday. xD) But today my little sister reminded me to take my camera when we were leaving our house. So I ended up photographing the church and the food we ate at a restaurant. When in doubt, food is always fun to photograph!
Season finale of 'The Walking Dead' today, crap. :'(

Friday, March 29, 2013

X's on the back of your hands, washed them in the bathroom to drink like the bands

            The first picture is of last summer which I am sorta looking forward to after all this
cold weather. That's saying a lot, because I hate summer. I'm not really into the idea of having
 the sun beating down my back but I welcome it now with open arms. What else? Hmm, I was woken up today with my brother yelling at me excitedly over something. I mumbled a 'go away' and just rolled back over. When I finally woke up, I trudged over to the living room where my brother was on the computer and asked if that was a dream. He just pointed to the screen and showed me the upcoming promo for the Playstation 4.  And now I can't waiiiiiit for it to come out because even if I suck badly at games, I still want to play Kingdom Hearts 3.  :) 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A kick in the teeth is good for some, A kiss with a fist is better than none

Small thing I did for this show.  
Gaga in NYC (unfinished) 💗
A few new stories on since the last time I posted here… This little painting was a delight to do, and you can read all about this lovely violin right here.

A couple of my favorite illustrators via Tumblr, 1st picture Dadu Shin , 2nd picture Helen Green, 3rd picture Sirin Thada.
Perhaps I'm becoming more obsessed with illustration when it comes down to it. 
I can't help that I love anything that has to do with creating something from scratch or the design process.
 That's probably why it's so hard for me to see myself only doing one thing for the rest of my life, when I want to do it all. Tsk tsk. 
Anyone feel the same?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm out of lines, girl, I'm not getting any smoother than this

City slick.


Pictures From: Men In This Town
(Because I like suits, far too much to be considered normal.)
Have been far too lazy these last couple of days to blog or maybe I am just too giddy. I recently
 got accepted to one of the colleges I applied to and received a large scholarship from there. Overall, cannot believe that next semester I will be commuting back and forth from the city. Feel like everything is slowly coming together, it's so bizarre.
And now I an anxiously awaiting to hear back from the other school I applied to.
Annnnnnd Walking Dead later on today, yesssss.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

People are rising, their expectations, go and feed them

  I was finally able to try Pho, yay.  
And I just realized that the World Cup is nearing! 
Holy crap, I can't believe that it's almost here and I'm crossing my fingers that by the time the tickets
 are out I'll have money because if not...well...let's just say I'll be sulking in a corner. 
Is it too early to start counting? xD 449 days. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Possible Tattoo

Been wanting a tattoo for the longest and I finally decided that I am going to get one on my
21st birthday. I stumbled upon this one and love how the words are set out. Although, not sure it'll
look right with the quote I want since it's only five words. Still have time to think about it.
What do you think? 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Collection of Shots

First three pictures are from my best friend's birthday outing. The waitress was terrible, probably because we look young so she didn't think we would tip her? I don't know, but it was a mess. 
And because I didn't get a pumpkin pie from Whole Foods, my brother bought a bundt cake. (Cue the yum) Last but not least a picture of me worn out and messy from the day's events. Went along with my older brother and sister to a late night trip to Target because my brother needed to get water. My little sister and brother are so darn picky when it comes to drinking water. They've tasted about every brand out there and know what is good and what isn't. They come to me overly excited when they discover a new brand, it's ridiculous. Putting that aside, it's impossible to leave a store with only one item because you end up getting much more than you came for. 
Which is why I ended up getting Tales of the Crypt among other things. I, seriously watch too much television. I think I prefer that over my phone and a computer because I can't live without my shows.  
Speaking of shows Walking Dead Sunday! The episode "Clear" is one of my favorites, last episode didn't even compare. Here ends my slight rant. 
Have a great Weekend! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Above picture from Hyperbole and a Half, funniest blog.
Just love Allie Brosh's stories from her childhood and maybe that's why I can't fall asleep because
I'm dying of laughter. That and I am faced with the task of writing an essay that my brain doesn't
want to finish. Anyways,
Click the bottom link to read, 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Future Roomie's birthday today, yay, for him turning 21, finally. Should not even be saying that because my birthday is still far away. One of my friends was telling how the only thing special about turning 21 is that you can officially drink but your treated and feel the same. She said that it begins to hit you when you turn 25 and people begin to see you as a real adult. Not sure if that's true, but I'm just excited to hit that big milestone. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

The stairs creak as you sleep, it's keeping me awake

And this is one of the best pictures I could get out of my boyfriend, because he was cold. Why is it that every time your looking for something you never find it? Augh, been looking for this specific movie to give to my friend and could not find it at all. I hate when that happens, it'll probably be there when I go again. Anyways, got dressed to go to Walmart of all places because I had to get my turtle food and was on a mission to locate the movie after coming from FYE empty handed. After seeing it wasn't there, my boyfriend stumbled upon the series Rocko's Modern Life. Anyone remember the show? He bought it and offered to buy it for me as well but I refused. And now I regret that because I want it. I'll probably just end up going back to get it because it will bother me that I didn't.  Double augh. But it's Friday finally, for some reason I have the Rebecca Black song stuck in my head, oh boy. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Been up to

1.  Photo assignments for my class, next one is about taking baby or dog pictures.
2. Eating like no tomorrow and wanting to try Pho. (obsession with noodles XD) But every time
me and my boyfriend end up going somewhere else. Grr, next time. 
3.  No surprise, bought Halloween because it's awesome!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013




1.  A white v-neck shirt because I tend to dirty mine way too quickly. (Messy eater) Me and white don't go together at all. 
2. A pair of boyfriend jeans that aren't too baggy. 
3. Oxfords, because they are so comfy and I can't get enough of them. So much better than flats.
4. Knuckle rings my latest discovery. I had no idea these things existed and now I must own a pair! 
5. Simple and cute accessories such as the tear drop necklace and clutch that can go with just about anything.
6.  Black nail polish because I never get tired of painting my nails this color, and a soft shade of pink lipstick for spring and summer looks. 

On another note: Thanks for the comments on my last post, they were all so sweet! And I'm still anxiously awaiting news from the college's I've applied to, god, I hate waiting it's so nerve wrecking. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Highly awkward when it comes to taking pictures, don't know how other people do it all the time. 
So not photogenic. I blame my small eyes, darn you.

But I'll shout my love to the stars, so wait for the stone on your window

Told you guys, I managed to take a wide range of pictures and there's still more. Some of the above pictures are of the museum's top floor, that was just so beautiful. I loved how they had some of the art pieces hanged up on the brick wall. Really enjoyed that place, it's located in New York City (5th ave, 63rd st) if anyone is interested in going. And that ends my over-excitedness over art, for now. 
(Been mulling over the idea of starting my own online magazine, 
wouldn't know how to begin though.) 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Art Overload

Went to a museum today with my publication and editing class and the exhibit was exceptional. There was so much to see, the place consisted of three floors. Each floor was remarkable, especially the upstairs. I managed to photograph a whole bunch of my favorite pieces, one of the above photos is of my friend who was excited over the exhibit as well. We actually set a date to go on a day they have a sketch night.
Gah, can't wait!