Tuesday, April 9, 2013



One word to describe my current state of mind 'tired.'
I spent the whole day yesterday waiting for a necessary document in the city and had a whole lot
of time to kill. I did a whole lot of walking and not enough sitting down and staying away from
the sun. Anyways, I saw the Evil Dead and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.
It consisted of more gore and limb chopping. But I still enjoyed it.
Any scary movies you guys recommend to see? I would love to hear any suggestions.
Albeit old or new.
(I have neglected to post because loads of stuff was occurring or I simply forget that I should. Or maybe it's just laziness on my part. Steph, my best friend of 8 years turned 21 "yay", finally committing to Pace University, helping out in my father's store, had some boyfriend woes, and my list of excuses go on and on.)  


  1. I hope you'll find time to relax, Ms. Vanessa. :)

  2. Hope you take some time to chill out and have some 'me time'!

  3. You should go out and relax! Maybe go see Scary Movie 5, I don't think it's scary, & I don't watch scary movie so I don't know but hope that helped though : ) x

  4. That is some awesome post. Love your picks.
    Check out my new post http://memypendown.blogspot.in/2013/04/summer-y-casuals.html
    much love. x



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