Thursday, May 30, 2013

I feel so spoiled when its cold, and when its hot I feel like crawling back inside my house. 
I seriously did not want to be outside today but Sarah Dessen in Union Square and I could not
 Yes, for me 87 degrees, is hot. 
 I am so not used to this weather at all.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Wish-list

Black Choices

I've been suffering from tunnel vision which consists of worrying about 'how the hell I'm I suppose to pay for school.'
My woes, moving past that I was seriously fretting on a pair of shorts that I accidentally spilled chocolate on. It was a customer from the store whom my dad had tailored the shorts, but it turned out the guy didn't even care. (I think everything is starting to worry me.)
Besides that, I've been seeing more and more of my best friend. I'm surprised that we haven't grown tired of each other from all those phone calls and visits. And I'm completely stocked on May 30th, I am finally getting to meet one of my favorite authors with one of my best friends. (Cue my inner fangirl)
Andd my birthday is drawing near which means I can finally start to find local bars to go to.
Anddd I REALLY want to play Sega, mostly because its the only game console that I'm relatively good at. 
On another note, I've completely forgotten how much fun blogging can be, or writing for that matter.
(I wanted to take part in the May Challenge that I've seen around but its too late now.)
Next time, next time.

Friday, May 3, 2013

This is what happened....

I am beyond happy at this moment. Since I sent out my high school transcript late (and didn't hear back until now)  I automatically thought I was rejected, and committed myself to another college. 
Now, I have to re-think everything and see if its worth it.
(I hate deciding.)