Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Give me everything tonight, We might not get tomorrow

Hi! So a couple of days ago I seen 'The Conjuring' and I really liked it. 
It made me cringe, turn away, and jump at some parts, which is what a good scary movie should do. 
Besides that I seen most of my movie checklist (Pacific Rim, Monsters University, World War Z.) 
Any favorite films you've seen this summer? 
(I'm thinking of purchasing a DSLR camera, any suggestions on one?)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I gotta new life, you would hardly recognize me.

First off, all of my pictures in my camera for mostly over a year got deleted by accident, Shit.
-I landed a job and failed a couple of times at the register. But yay, for finally going on the 
sales floor and looking for another job that pays better. 
-I managed to finish everything related to school, except for the small part called 'payment.' 
-It's hot, humid, and I'm wishing for the fall once again (as seen in the above picture.)
And Pitch Perfect reference above, officially obsessed. 

Monday, July 1, 2013


On a hot day, nothing beats hanging out with friends and getting a couple drinks. 

I've been wanting to update much more frequently but then I forget to and always put it off to much longer. But these past couple of days I've been looking for scholarships because the loan I wanted I didn't end up getting and I need someway to pay for college. And I've been job searching, thankfully, I found a job. But now I'll mostly be working just to pay for college and it sucks because you just want to study and not have to worry but that's life. It's funny because often when I reunite with a couple of my friends the main topic is college and how we all just want to win the lottery or something so we can focus on our studies. (Sorry, complaining far too much.) But besides that I've been trying to work out and lose a couple of pounds by the end of summer. In addition, I'm thinking of starting a blog just for illustration and trying to enjoy this humid weather.

(And if you haven't switched over to Bloglovin yet, be sure to do that today because it's the last day to do so. Well, see ya!)