Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Hi. Every time I find myself on the computer which isn't often I run out of things to say so I end up closing the web page and shutting off the computer. But for the sake of getting back to the swing of things I'm going to try to force myself to get something written down. Even if it's mundane, I'm going to update. To start off the day I ate breakfast and went to work. Where I realized everyone at my job was wearing the color blue while I was the only one wearing red. (I'm assuming they all called each other beforehand, maybe?) I had a good laugh about that with my co-workers. After that I went out to
 a Vietnamese restaurant and ate until I couldn't anymore. And then rushed home to watch The Walking Dead, which was decent. Far too much romance going on for my liking, but all the gore and action will happen soon, I hope. What are your thoughts on this week's episode? 
I would love to hear your opinions.
Oh!  Did anyone see Insidious Chapter Two and The Conjuring?
Loved The Conjuring, on the fence with Insidious Chapter Two (not as good as the first.) 

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