Thursday, July 9, 2015

Internship Experience

So I'm sitting here on the train on my way home, thinking of how to start this post. First off, everyone has had some bad and good internship experiences I am assuming. So here goes mine, today I messed up on an assignment and I didn't realize what had happened exactly until my boss got there. So we begin with a meeting because the whole staff had set up a day just to go over protocols and train. As I'm sitting there my boss begins to yell and I'm sitting here thinking, "you can't yell at me nor do I want to take this." So I immediately start thinking of a perfect, "I quit" move or something to say that will sum up the situation. I can either 1. Grab my stuff and leave 2. Say what's really on my mind 3. Sit there and hear him babble on and on. So I sit there as I get mad over the situation (I mean I know I messed up but I still do not like being treated like an idiot.) And that's the first time that's ever happened to me, I'm just in a state of shock. I mean I have heard of other interns crying and leaving the first day. (But now I can clearly see why.) I would not have or give anyone the pleasure of seeing me cry. That's just something I would never do, no matter how much someone wants to yell at me. I just wouldn't give them the pleasure of letting them see that they could do that to me. So it's shocking when I hear that an intern just balled their eyes out. So basically after that happened, I'm sitting there as training continues and everything starts to fizzle down that I'm definitely quitting after this is over because I am not going to get yelled at like his staff does. Finally, after the meeting is over I get to talk to my boss and at that point I decided to quit. He begins to say all these good things and how it wasn't my fault and I shouldn't feel bad. the end I decide to stick it out until the end of July. That's basically my long ass rant of what happened today. (Sigh)

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