Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday Spirit

(courtesy of me)
I feel like this year has been such a whirlwind. It felt like it went by so fast but at the same time it felt like it dragged on. The only thing I'm most looking forward to is finally graduating from college. I have been in school for over 6 years on and off again. Which made me feel like I would never get to the end. Now that it is nearing I'm more stressed than ever. It's the prospect of looking for a job after graduation that has me the most worried. I've slowly been applying to places but its hard when all you've learned and experienced has only been in the classroom. You see job postings for over (3-5) years of experience in my field (Marketing). Come on, really! Plus, its more who you know than what your level of experience is. I read somewhere that in Marketing there is an 80% chance of getting hired after graduating. (Crossing my fingers here) That I am in that percentage. I've been looking into forums and columns about landing a job. (Me being proactive about it all). 
It's not only job stress that has me freaking out. But knowing that I'm done I mean I have been in a school environment for so long that it will take time to adjust. (Good thing is with school over I can binge watch shows!)

Thinking of what I am going to do post graduation has gotten me to think on what I can or should be doing while I find something that I hope to like (job wise). That perhaps I should focus some of my attention onto blogging sharing and posting on my journey: thoughts/feelings/whatever the case may be. Yup, here's to updating frequently. (Hopefully). 

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