Saturday, May 12, 2018

Job Interviews

I have been trying to find a job these last couple of months to no avail. It's a little frustrating when you go on interview after interview and end up with nothing. I want to give up but I know in the end I'll find a job if I keep on applying. *Fingers crossed. 
After my interview I decided to get something to eat with my bf. He's been driving me to my interviews since I can't drive and I wanted to treat him at least once. He's been so patient with me on my search and it means a lot to me that he is taking the time to take me. We went to a nearby ramen place and it was beyond yummy. I have been to at least 15 different ramen places in New Jersey, New York, and Japan. The ramen place which is a fusion of Japanese/Chinese cuisine called, "Rai Rai Ramen' is a 8.5/10. I'm actually surprised that I liked it so much would definitely recommend going back!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Korean bbq

Two weeks ago I tried Korean bbq for the first time with my bf and it was yummy!
They kept bringing out plate after plate. I didn't even know when it would stop and how I could possibly finish. It was such a lot of food that I recommend getting if you are super hungry. In this case  I was moderately hungry but I challenged myself to finish. Looking at this picture makes me want to go back!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Trying to cook steak?

        A couple of weeks ago  I tried cooking steak with my bf and that was a failure. We ended up smoking up the whole house. The steak ended up not being cooked all the way so we had to go back and finish cooking it off. If anyone has any tips on how to cook steak, feel free to leave a comment. 
In the meantime I'll keep practicing until I make the perfect steak. Ciao!

Sunday, May 6, 2018


The story behind the picture: Basically after I shower I don't brush my hair so you can only imagine the tangles. And this annoys my bf so he's always offering to brush my hair because he likes to and wants it to be be nice and smooth. But I'm lazy so I leave it as is. (hehe)